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Fillings are designed to repair a damaged tooth, generally as a result of decay.  How deep the filling was, how long it took to treat and how large it was will impact your recovery.  Generally speaking you should only feel minimal jaw discomfort after your filling appointment. 

Please take care after your appointment to:  

  1. avoid chewing on your new filling for at least the first day as some fillings need time to set
  2. watch young children carefully to ensure that they do not bite or chew on their lip or tongue

caring for your filling

Additional notes:

  • numbness from anesthetic may last for 2 or more hours
  • your bite may need to be adjusted – if the filling seems high please call the office as soon as possible and we will adjust it as soon as possible (freezing is not required for this procedure)
  • slight sensitivity of tooth and gums may occur for the first day or so following treatment
  • sensitivity to cold may occur at first but should resolve quickly
  • there should be no throbbing or constant pain, please contact us if you have any such concerns