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Orthodontics is a Science!

Now that you have braces you need to follow the instructions of our dental team. Many factors are considered when a plan is executed that will ensure that you achieve the optimal results for your bite and smile. By flossing and brushing properly you can avoid some of the permanent staining and other problems shown here.

Brackets and wires are positioned to encourage your individual teeth to move in specific directions.

Elastics are also used to apply gentle pressure during the process. Please respect the following during your orthodontic treatment:

1. Do not eat sticky or hard foods.

This includes but is not limited to popcorn kernels, caramel apples, caramel filled candies, hard candies, chewing ice, biting into an apple etc.  Patients risk breaking brackets and injuring themselves with protruding wires. Although brackets may fall off and wires may be dislodged from time to time, every attempt should be made to protect the materials in your mouth as damage may cause treatment delays and discomfort.

2. Do not twist or double up your elastics.

The placement of elastics is specific and twisting them impedes their integrity and doubling up does not help the tooth move faster!

3. Use the wax and other 'comfort aids' provided by our team. Your tongue and lips will need to adjust to the new foreign metal objects in your mouth so give it time and know that the initial discomfort will improve.

4. Do not use your friend's elastics. 

The elastics used with Tip Edge Orthodontics are different than those used in other types of orthodontic treatment.  If you run out of elastics, please call the office and we will arrange to have some for you as promptly as possible.

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