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Flossing under your bridge needs to become a habit that you include in your normal oral hygiene routine. Flossing helps ensure that food particles caught under the bridge do not remain there. Flossing also supports the removal of plaque that can accumulate. Food particles can provide a fuel source for bacteria which can erode the structure of supporting teeth or surrounding tissues.

caring for you bridge

There are 5 steps to flossing under your bridge.

Step 1 – We have floss threaders available in our office or you can buy them at any drugstore. A floss threader is a flexible piece of plastic designed with a loop at one end for threading the floss through. Take a piece of dental floss 14 to 18 inches long, thread one end of the floss through the loop about half way.

Step 2 - Gently insert the floss threader through the hole in between the bridge and the gum line.

Step 3 - While holding onto both ends of the long piece of floss, gently pull the floss threader all the way through toward the roof of your mouth.

Step 4 - By holding onto each end of the dental floss with both hands you'll be able to move the floss back and forth underneath your bridge.

Step 5 – Floss up and down the roots of the teeth at either end of the bridge using the same “c” shape we demonstrate when flossing your other teeth.