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Astred - ChLOE

Assistants who have completed approved training and are registered with the College of Dental Surgeons of BC are Certified Dental Assistants.  Our office has two amazing certified dental assistants to support our dentists and provide hands on treatment to patients where certified to do so.

certified dental assistants

All of the clinical staff who assist Dr. Zastre and provide clinical hands on care to patients are Certified Dental Assistants.  They have studied, obtained certification and are required to upgrade their skills and continue to advance their education as well.

Astred and Choe will each help ensure that your visit with us is comfortable and efficient.  Astred has taken the Orthodontic Module from UBC and is able to assist Dr. Zastre with orthodontic cases.  Our team has worked with Dr. Zastre at his study clubs and are very interested in continuing to advance their educations.  Offering patients up to date skills and new procedures helps ensure that your visit with us meets the goals you have for your oral health.

There are several accredited training programs for dental assistants in BC and all of our CDAs have successfully completed one of those programs. Educational requirements to enter include successful completion of high school with an emphasis on sciences including biology and chemistry. In addition, some programs require students have and maintain a valid CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) Level C certificate.  Our office staff meet this requirement.  Dental assistant programs provide training in infection control, preventive dentistry, dental radiography, clinical assisting procedures and community dental health.  Our team also attends the Pacific Dental Conference annually as well as additional continuing education courses.




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