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toddlers and children

Your infant’s teeth should be cleaned as soon as they start to appear. Your child’s teeth will start to appear at roughly 6 months of age.  By about 24 months of age your child will usually have all 20 of his/her primary teeth. 

Brushing is essential and flossing is very important, especially if your child’s teeth are tightly spaced.  Always brush with toothpaste before they go to bed with only water to drink after wards.  If a toothbrush doesn’t seem appropriate, just smear a minimal amount of toothpaste (pea sized or smaller) on a clean cloth and wipe her/his teeth. 

As your child grows, her/his teeth should be brushed after each meal and sugary snack, especially before nap and bed time.  When a child sleeps the saliva production in their mouth slows down and bacteria have an opportunity to thrive.  

Good oral hygiene practices should start early, as soon as your child’s teeth start to erupt.  Setting a good example now will establish positive habits they will hopefully continue throughout their adult life!

Tips to consider:

We recommend using toothpaste with fluoride when you brush your child’s teeth although swallowing fluoride is not advised! If your child can’t spit effectively yet, then use a Kleenex or clean cloth to absorb the toothpaste foam that is created from proper brushing.

A parent should brush a child’s teeth until about the age of eight. Proper supervision may be required beyond that age depending on each particular child.

2 minutes of brushing is the Golden Rule but feel free to spend more time!

Flossing may be required although many children’s primary teeth are well spaced and brushing is able to reach all of the tooth’s surfaces. If flossing is required, it should be done before brushing and at least once a day (preferably at night).


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