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Needing a crown?

Detecting the problem!

Unfortunately, cracked and fractured teeth exhibit a variety of symptoms.  Cracks and fractures can be difficult to diagnose because the pain comes and goes, is very inconsistent and because cracks and fractures rarely show up on x-rays.  More than one attempt at diagnosing the problem may be required before it is  successfully identified. 

When the outer hard tissues of a tooth are fractured or cracked, chewing can cause movement of the pieces and the pulp can become irritated.  Often this results in a momentary, sharp pain which eventually progresses to include increased sensitivity.  In time the cracked or fractured tooth can begin to ache on its own.

If your tooth is cracked or fractured, you might feel occasional pain when chewing, particularly between bites as you release the pressure on your teeth.  You might also feel pain when you eat or drink something hot or cold.  Keep track of your symptoms as they will aid us in diagnosing the problem.

Some of the more common dental problems faced by patients as they age are cracked and broken teeth.   A crown fits over the fractured tooth and is designed to hold the tooth together, restoring the original shape, function and appearance of the tooth.   Placing a crown over a fractured tooth may or may not involve root canal treatment, depending on how early the problem is discovered and treated. 

A tooth usually needs to be crowned following root canal therapy. When a root canal is performed on a tooth, or when the nerve and blood supply to the tooth are compromised, the risk of the tooth breaking increases. This can cause the tooth to become dehydrated and brittle leaving the tooth very susceptible to breaking. Crowning a tooth is done to reduce the risk of the tooth breaking off and having to be extracted.

Every crown is custom made for you and the tooth it will repair! 


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