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Do you need a Crown?

Some of the more common dental problems faced by patients as they age are cracked and broken teeth. A crown fits over the fractured tooth and is designed to hold the tooth together, restoring the original shape, function and appearance of the tooth. Placing a crown over a fractured tooth may or may not involve root canal treatment, depending on how early the problem is discovered and treated.

Teeth with large cavities or filings become more likely to fracture. Placing a crown can reduce this risk and help you retain your tooth for years to come.

A tooth usually needs to be crowned following root canal therapy. When a root canal is performed on a tooth, or when the nerve and blood supply to the tooth are compromised, the risk of the tooth breaking increases. This can cause the tooth to become dehydrated and brittle leaving the tooth very susceptible to breaking. Crowning a tooth is done to reduce the risk of the tooth breaking off and having to be extracted.

Solving the problem!

Fitting a crown requires at least two appointments.

During your first visit, the tooth is physically shaped and prepared for the crown. An impression (or mold) is made and a temporary crown is placed over the prepared tooth. The temporary crown is usually constructed from plastic so it is not very strong. You need to take care not to chew hard or sticky foods with it. The impression is sent to our laboratory where a dental technician constructs the final crown.

On your second visit, the temporary crown is removed and the final crown is fitted, adjusted and cemented into place.

Every crown is custom made for you and the tooth it will repair! Some adjustments may be required during and after the fitting process with our goal being to give you an aesthetic, long lasting tooth every time!

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