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Flossing is important and should become a regular part of your oral care!

Tips on flossing properly!

  1. Floss before you brush.
  2. Take a long piece of floss (12-18 inches) and wrap it around the middle finger on each hand.
  3. Holding the floss taught, leave about one inch between your thumb and fingers and pull the floss between each tooth.
  4. Gently insert the floss between two teeth. If the spacing is tight, gently move the floss back and forth in a sawing motion just enough to get it through the contact.
  5. Curve the floss around your tooth at the gum line and ‘scrape’ the sides of each tooth by moving the floss up and down, no more sawing.

Notes about flossing:

If you find that your floss catches in a particular spot, let us know the next time you come for a visit and we will check the area. There are many possible reasons for this and most can be easily resolved.

If you find that a particular space is very tight, there are several other products that we might recommend for you. For example, you may want to use a floss threader. They are designed to allow you to thread the floss between the teeth below the upper contact point.

There are many different types of floss available, each of which may provide varying results and levels of comfort for each individual.

Please let us know your preference or ask us for a recommendation.

Establish good flossing habits!

If you haven’t yet started a flossing routine you should start tonight! TV commercial breaks provide an adequate time to get the job done.

You may experience some bleeding when you first start to floss on a regular basis. This is normal and will subside as the gums heal from the infection the plaque is causing. As the plaque is being broken up and the bacteria removed, your gums will heal.

If bleeding continues after one week of consistent flossing, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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