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We will assist our patients whenever possible by submitting claims directly on your behalf but any portion not covered is the responsibility of the patient.

Insurance plans are effectively pre-paid care. We encourage you to utilize your plan to its full benefit - don't put off your regular hygiene appointment or postpone dental radiographs (x-rays). Regular checkups allow us to identify and treat any oral health concerns that arise. Prevention is the key followed by early detection and prompt treatment. This approach will generally require less of a financial investment for you and far less of your time.

insurance coverage and your responsibility

It may surprise you to learn that your dental insurance plan and the elements of your coverage aren't supposed to be any of our business.  The Privacy Act has made it increasingly difficult for us to assist our clients with the processing of their dental claims.  Although we do accept assignment of benefits we cannot always process claims quickly and efficiently.

We work with dozens of carriers who each have dozens of plans and there are countless variations within each of these plans.  Added to this diversity is the fact that each plan may or may not provide full or partial coverage on any combination of approximately 1,000 procedures that could be performed by our office.

Your benefit plan is a function of your employer's budget. 
It may change from year to year and may increase or decrease the number of treatments that it covers and the frequency of each.  Please be sure to let us know if your employment changes or if your plan changes so that we can keep our records as up to date as possible.


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