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Why do I need a root canal?

Root canal treatment is performed if you have compromised the health of the pulp of your tooth. Common symptoms include sore and swollen gums, toothache, pain when eating or drinking, and facial swelling. Despite common concerns root canal treatment is not painful, in fact it seeks to relieve the pain the infection or pulpitis is causing.  Timely treatment can save a tooth and alleviate your pain and discomfort.

When the nerve of a tooth becomes infected, root canal therapy is the best treatment option in order to save the tooth itself.  Keeping your teeth is a primary goal for us at Dr. Neil Zastre Inc.  Spaces left by tooth loss can cause your other teeth to move out of alignment and may result in other bite and jaw problems.  For us, saving a natural tooth also helps avoid replacing it with an artificial tooth.

root canal therapy

Root Canal Therapy is the process of removing the infection and affected pulp tissue.  Once the decaying material is removed, the canal is filled and the opening is sealed.  Root canals are often sealed with permanent material and then covered with a crown.  The crown is an essential step in ensuring that your bite alignment and jaw function as they did before the tooth infection occurred.

 Most root canal therapy is successful but not always.  In some cases retreatment may be required.  Your chances of a successful root canal are improved by early diagnosis and treatment.