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oral hygiene

Dental hygiene appointments need to be routine!

The dental profession has long recommended that patients visit their dental hygienist every 6 months to ensure that their oral health is in optimal shape. By having routine dental hygiene appointments we are able to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and that your home care is protecting you from other, more expensive and sometimes painful experiences.  Some patients require more frequent visits and regimented home care to promote and encourage health teeth and gums.

Dental X-rays may be a normal part of your hygiene appointment and we can assure you that our office equipment and practices are in keeping with industry standards. Dental x-rays are an important part of the dental examination process and enable us to identify areas of concern before they become more significant problems.


Fluoride may be used to prevent or reduce dental decay on all teeth, and is effective on primary as well as permanent teeth. Fluoride is an element that can be naturally found in many things, like the water we drink and the food we eat.

Decades ago, scientists began to notice that children who lived in places where fluoride occurred naturally in the water, had fewer dental cavities. As teeth form during childhood the fluoride becomes part of the tooth enamel, making teeth stronger and more resistant to decay. Once absorbed and retained in tooth enamel, even though it is usually invisible, fluoride is permanent.